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Assembling More
Than Just the Parts

In Touch Studios wants to share all of its passion and knowledge with our community. We’ve put together an experienced, knowledgeable team of research experts who also love DIY projects and every crafting skill imaginable.

We then meticulously search the Internet, go to garage sales and flea markets to look for anything that can help you with DIY, crafting ideas and knowledge to improve your building skills. We also have a killer blog!

Awe-Inspiring Posts

Our blog is more than just a collection of articles and information. We seek out the best, most informative and descriptive material and then put it all together to motivate and inspire you.


After you finish reading one of our posts, we want you to share it with your fellow DIYers and crafters then immediately hit your garage or workspace to get busy on your latest project!

Build On!

Once you sign up to be part of In Touch Studios, you’ll be joining a community that thinks, builds and creates just like you. Sign up today to start getting great blog posts, DIY, crafts info and more you can’t find anywhere else!