10 Simple Steps to Keep Your Kitchen Organized




Your kitchen is one of your home’s most high-traffic and used areas. You use it daily to make breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. It gets messy and unorganized, especially when used in a rush.  

If you are looking for tips to organize your kitchen cabinets, you’re at the right place. These are some simple and practice tips!  


Remove Everything and De-clutter 


Start by removing everything from the kitchen cabinets. This step may seem overwhelming, but it is the most effective way to sort things out. Lay everything out, check expiry dates, and assess what you need and don’t require.  


Keep a trash can nearby so you can throw away expired items. Moreover, you can separately place things you want to donate or sell in a box.  


Line Your Cabinets 


Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your cabinets, add liners to make them look neat. Liners also help eliminate odors and are easy to clean.  


Place Similar Items Together  


Next, categorize your items and store similar things together. For example, you can place all the baking items in one cabinet, and the herbs and spices can be grouped in another. 


Place Heavy Items on the Lower Shelves  


Another tip is to store heavy kitchen items like pots and pans in the lower cabinets and store light-weight items like pot lids and spices in the upper cabinets. Doing so will make things easily accessible to you.  


Utilize Vertical Space  


Use the vertical space in your kitchen cabinets to place cookie sheets, baking paper rolls, and aluminum foil rolls to make them easily accessible.  


Use Drawer Organizers or Dividers  


The best way to organize your kitchen drawers is to insert drawer dividers. These dividers eliminate the need to search your drawers for things you frequently require and help keep everything organized.   


Hang Items Using Adhesive Hooks and Pegboards 


You can also use the space outside of your kitchen cabinets to hang kitchen appliances like cutting boards, cutlery, and more using adhesive hooks and pegboards.  


Use Airtight Containers 


Another great organizing tip is to use airtight containers to store food items instead of placing them in their wrappers. You can use them to store cookies, pasta, and more. 


Maintain Your Kitchen Cabinets  


Lastly, after organizing your kitchen cabinets, it is essential to maintain them so they stay that way. Add labels so that everyone knows where to place the items. Also, ensure everything is in its place before leaving the kitchen.  


Final Word 


When you have organized kitchen cabinets, you are less likely to make a mess, and it also makes cooking simple and hassle-free. Follow these organization tips to keep your kitchen cabinets organized.  

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