5 Spring Color Combos To Wow The Eye




There’s something so refreshing about wearing colors that look good on you, and spring is the perfect time to experiment. Whether you’re starting fresh with a new look or want to add some new shades to your existing closet, here are some of our favorite spring color combinations:


1. Royal Blue & Peach


Royal blue and peach are a classic combination that can be used in many ways. You can use a light blue and a peach or a darker shade of royal blue with the same color as a peach. You could also go for something even bolder by pairing dark royal blue with dark peach or light royal blue with light peaches. The possibilities are endless!


2. Red & Yellow


Red and yellow are two complementary colors that contrast each other. This means they look great when paired but can clash if you’re not careful. Red is very warm, while yellow is very bright and eye-catching. These traits make them ideal for spring fashion because they add excitement to your wardrobe without being too bold or distracting from the rest of your outfit.


The best way to wear red and yellow together is by mixing them with neutrals like black or grey (which will help minimize potential clashes). You could also try pairing one piece each in this combination with another item in your wardrobe–like wearing a denim jacket with red jeans instead of black ones–to create a more subtle look!


3. Hot Pink & Cyan


Hot pink and cyan are two bright, vivid colors that complement each other nicely. These two hues are great for spring because they’ll give your outfit a pop of color without being too overwhelming or in your face.


You can wear these complementary colors together by pairing a hot pink top with a cyan skirt or shorts, or you could even wear both shades on opposite ends of the spectrum (like an all-pink ensemble with some blue accessories). The possibilities are endless!


4. Light Purple, Mint, & Butter


Light purple, mint, and butter are all spring colors. Combining these three hues will create a soft and soothing look that can be used as a background or accent color on walls in the home or clothing items in fashion.


Light purple is the main color, while mint and butter are used as accents to make this look interesting without being overwhelming.


5. Pastel Orange, Peach, & Custard


If you’re drawn to the boldness of orange, but don’t want to go full force with it, try pairing your favorite shade with peach or custard. These muted shades are soft and feminine–they’ll give your look just enough pop without being overpowering.


If you’re looking for more contrast in your spring wardrobe, consider using pastel orange as an accent color instead of letting it be the focus piece in your outfit. The best way to do this is by pairing it with another pastel tone (like peach) or a muted yellow (like custard). This creates a balance between soft hues that complement each other beautifully without competing for attention!




If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next project, we hope these color combinations have given you some ideas. We know there are so many more possibilities out there, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Happy springtime, everyone!

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