Accentuate Your Small Spaces With These Plants




Some homes and apartments have lots of extra space, natural light, or even small gardens and backyards. However, not all of us are so lucky when it comes to space and sunlight. While you may not be able to have the luscious garden of your dreams, there are many plants that can be kept indoors in small spaces with reduced or indirect light.


If you’re looking to keep plants indoors these plants are all great options for you. All these plants do well indoors, can survive – and even thrive – with little to no light, and are incredibly beautiful, too!


Golden Pothos


The Golden Pothos is probably the easiest to care for out of all other houseplants. This plant can make any space look more alive with its bright green and yellow dappled leaves and long vines.


The Pothos will do well in almost any kind of soil, with little to no light and watering once or twice a week. When the vines grow long and unruly, you can cut them off and transfer them to some water, and then you’ll have a whole new plant in the next few weeks.


ZZ Plant


The ZZ Plant is a plant that has a distinct and unique appearance. It grows upright and in a compact style so that it doesn’t take up too much space.


It doesn’t need much light and does well in indirect light, meaning that it is perfect for rooms with small windows or no direct sunlight. You can also just set it up and forget about it since it doesn’t need watering until its soil has completely dried up.


Snake Plant


The Snake Plant, like the ZZ, grows upright and compact. It is incredibly easy to care for, and some might even go as far as to say that it is impossible to kill. The Snake Plant all but thrives on neglect. It doesn’t need much light and can be watered once a week or even once in two weeks.


Spider Plant


The Spider Plant is a beautiful one we’re sure you’ve heard of. This classic plant is easy to keep healthy and produces many tiny offshoots that can be made into new plants if potted.


The plant doesn’t need much fuss, with little light and water needed. And, as a bonus, if you’ve got cats at home, they’re going to love nibbling on this plant and chewing on its leaves.


Braided Money Tree


If you want an indoor tree, the Braided Money Tree is an excellent choice. This tree has a distinct look with its braided trunk and is compact enough to keep indoors. Not only is it easy to keep alive and very beautiful, but it is also considered a symbol of good luck!


So, what do you think? Will you be buying some of the plants we’ve mentioned on your next trip to the nursery? We think that any one of these plants will make a beautiful addition to your small space and help brighten it up.

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