Trends To Try For Decorating With Neutral Colors




There’s an air of sophistication in neutral-colored rooms and decor. However, nailing a room decor while following a neutral color palette isn’t a piece of cake. The room could look austere and dull with no warmth or comfort that one seeks from home.


Many make the mistake of only playing on a single-color scheme or shade. Getting a neutral room design isn’t about monotony: it’s about subtlety.


Making a neutral color palette work for any room in your home only requires following some tips and tricks. We suggest some helpful tips to help you achieve the look you’re opting for and break the monotony of neutrals.


Architectural Design Elements


Let’s start with a trick that requires you to do nothing on the design side but observe. Look for architectural designs and patterns already in the room that could work harmoniously with your chosen neutral color palette. Maybe it’s the chimney made with neutral-colored bricks, or perhaps the arched entrance could work well with the look you’re seeking.


Play Around With Texture


We haven’t yet started discussing mixing and matching colors because colors may fall into place independently when you know how to play around with texture. Add a woven art piece against a textured wall or adorn the space with a wooden dining table and chairs on a carpeted floor. The possibilities are endless but don’t overdo them.


Mix Different Neutrals


Neutral-toned rooms don’t have to follow a single color scheme. You can mix the beiges with browns or go for black furniture juxtaposed against white accent walls. Whichever color scheme you choose, ensure that you play around with different accents to add dimension to the space.


Add Subtle Color


Having a living space with neutral-colored walls doesn’t mean that adding color is a sin. Adding subtle hues to your overall neutral space breaks the monotony and adds depth for the onlookers. The aesthetic appeal the color brings makes the room livelier and subtlety is the key.


Add Metallics


If you’re seeking to jazz up the neutral-toned space, look for pieces of furniture that introduce metallics to aesthetics. The metallics, paired with black, could impart dimension to the area and give the onlookers details to focus their eyes on.


Jazz A Room Up With Wooden Furniture


Since we’re discussing furniture, if metallics aren’t your style, we’re sure wooden is. But the trick here is to mix and match the tones of wooden design elements to break the monotony while adding pieces of interest to the room.


Play Around With Silhouettes


Lastly, you can light up the space with different shapes and silhouettes when playing around with furniture. Have a round couch with a cuboidal closet and small vases that are cylindrical. You can also play with statement pieces and find shapes that break the monotonous look of the room.


Wrap Up


These are the seven tips and tricks to make your neutral space vivid without compromising the sophisticated look you’re going for. Since neutrals can be played with different color schemes, mixing and matching the shades would add dimension instead of taking away the appeal. Keep experimenting, and you’ll find a balance that works for your space. Happy designing!

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