Home Décor Tips To Accent Dark Color Themes




Playing around with dark colors can be the best creations of all time or be a total failure. However, you don’t need to be scared to decorate a dark-themed room, as we have gathered the most helpful and thoughtful tips that you can adopt to generate masterpieces through your creation.



The Walls Seem Like A Good Idea


Can’t decide where to add dark colors? Try the empty walls! Dark-toned walls make your area look highly furnished and flawlessly finished.


Dark-themed walls also can hide built-in bumps and imperfections on the surface. However, it is not necessary to paint it all; you can go for a dark accent wall or alternative painting; it will make everything look better.



Using More Than One Shade


You can try two methods that will surely give a fantastic result. Select an entire color palette of one shade or try a combination of different dark tones and tints within the same space.


For instance, if you have selected a grey pallet, paint the walls in a lighter tone, and place dark furniture and accessories. The curtains and vases of extreme lighter versions give an illusion of white; it even sounds exotic!



Having Trouble With Extreme Bright Spaces?


If an area in your home bothers you due to its bright appearance or exposure to light, tone it down with a dark pop. Paint the whole area with a dark color and pair it with a soft light. Or place dark-colored upholstery to mute the overall vibrance of the space.



Have Fun With Dark Furnishing


Not a big fan of dark-colored walls? Switch to dark upholstery instead! A wide range of options, such as curtains, furniture, accessories, cushions, stools, lampshades, vases, and sceneries, can change the game. All you have to do is be mindful of the area’s capacity and the overall theme you want to follow.



Don’t End Up Making Everything Gloomy


It is understandable to fall in with every dark-colored article, but it doesn’t mean that all the decorations must be the same. It makes your space look monotonous and boring. For instance, if your walls and furniture are of dark tones, ensure that other accessories, such as curtains and rugs, are of comparatively lighter shades.


Always Make The Ceiling and Floor Bright


Avoid one mistake at all costs; do not paint the ceiling or decorate the floor with dark color, making the space claustrophobic and as if it is falling on your head. Bright or crisp white ceilings enhance the room’s vibe, whereas the floor can be decorated with a dark rug instead!



Ending on a Darker Note


No wonder dark colors are exciting and can make everything look interesting; being clever with the placement of the shade can change the whole game! Paint the walls, place stylish sofas, match the curtains, throw in a rug, and add as many accessories as you like following the dark theme. We hope this blog will ideally help you decorate with dark colors.

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