Simple Ways To Add A Touch Of Color To Your Kitchen




Time to add a hint of a tasteful color scheme, just like the pinch of seasoning over food! Kitchen interiors are now shifting from simple to stylish, for which adding an eye-catching color theme is a must. Let’s take a look at some fun ideas for an instant kitchen makeover.


Splash In Some Exciting Colors


Your kitchen color pallet depends on the size and capacity of the room. Usually, small areas look more open and spacious with comparatively light and soft colors and vice versa.


For Small Areas


  • Pastels (pastel green, blue, pink, grey, mint, Persian).

  • Creams (coffee, barley, tumbleweed, beige).

  • Light shades of each color.


For Sizeable Areas


  • Dark shades (black, teal, dark blue, dark green, purple).

  • Vibrant colors (orange, yellow, green, blue).


If you want to experiment with something else, try picking suitable wallpaper. It doesn’t necessarily need to be something related to edibles; you can try other patterns that will give a unique touch to the walls, such as:


  • Tiny floral

  • Leafy designs

  • Abstract

  • Geometrical shapes


How About Some Painted Furniture?


Let go of the dull cabinets and stools in your comfortable space and throw in vibrant furniture that combines your walls. For instance, if you have painted the walls in mint green, you can try a dark woody shade for the cabinets to give them a bohemian touch.


A Suitable Lampshade Is an Ultimate Finesse


Once you have decided on the theme you wish to inaugurate, it becomes easy to select lampshades and other light accessories. After all, adequate light holds grave importance in the kitchen.


Following the example of a bohemian kitchen, basket pendant lights will provide an elegant finish to the room. For an American-style, eglo lights seem to endure the job perfectly.


Decorate the Empty Windows


While refurnishing everything, don’t miss out on the windows! Hang small and cute scenic painting tiles adjacent to the sides of the windows; three on each panel will do the job.


You can even hang minimal curtains of sheer fabric to give a diffused sunlight effect to your kitchen. Make sure your windows are spotless each time, as dirty windows might bring down the style.


Switch The Tablescape


It is high time to change the old tablescape and commit to a newer one. Pick one color from your color pallet that complements the aesthetic of your theme. For instance, following the bohemian theme, pick sheer whites or cream colors that will complement the wood and the mint walls.


Mini Plant Potters


Plants add life to everything! Pick some fresh cacti or low-maintenance indoor plants and place them beside the window or the washing sink. It will automatically enhance the freshness and mood of the room!


Ending on a Fun Tone


It’s always fun to keep experimenting with themes and colors, and if you like something, don’t be afraid to try it out once! We hope this blog will help you add color to the kitchen in fun ways! Have you picked a color theme yet?

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