The Top 10 Best Fragrant Flowers to Plant in Your Garden




Mother Nature has blessed us with a variety of stunning flowers that offer the best fragrance. If you own a garden, make sure to plant some of the most fragrant flowers in it and escape from your worries after a hectic day. We have listed some of the best fragrant flowers you can plant in your garden so you can enjoy their sight every other day. Scroll down to know more.


1. Roses


The rose is the first flower that often comes to our mind when discussing fragrance. When taken care of, roses can make your garden heaven. Some roses are also resistant to insects and diseases.


2. Nicotiana


They are not only famous for their fragrance but also because of their beautifully star-shaped petals that can change the entire look of your garden. They can last all fall and summer to make your space smel amazing.


They come in many colors, which include red, pink, lime green, yellow, cream, and white, providing you with a variety to add to your garden.


3. Sweet Alyssum


They are known for producing a carpet of fragrant flowers which come in purple, lavender, rose, and white. They are easy to grow and require low maintenance. People enjoy and prefer them for their honey fragrance, which hits right into the minds of a person providing them with a sense of peace within.


4. Moonflower


Even though they can be deadly poisonous, they are widely known for their fragrance, which smells the best after the sun goes down.


5. Daffodil


Daffodils provide unique beauty and fragrance to add to your landscape.


6. Magnolia


They require plenty of room to bloom because of their large size. Some say that nothing is sweeter than the smell of Magnolia.


7. Honeysuckle


They grow over a fence line, adding beauty and fragrance to your garden in full sun.


8. Butterfly Bush


They are called butterfly bushes because they attract pollinators. They add up to the fragrance of your garden in full sun.


9. Hyacinth


Hyacinths are pretty large and require support to avoid flopping. They bloom for only about two weeks in spring.


10. Lavender


The aroma of lavender radiates is widely known in Southern France. However, you can also grow them in your garden for a beautiful scent.


Your garden is supposed to be a peaceful space of your home that should smell of beautiful flowers. We have listed above some of the most fragrant flowers you can decorate your garden with to make it more welcoming for your guests and yourself as well. Hope they turn out to be helpful for you.

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