The Top 5 Wall Hangings to Fit Every Style




Your home is your biggest investment, no matter from which generation you are or in what part of the world you reside. It is not easy to buy a house, and so once people do, they want everything about their house to stand out and look personal at the same time. From interior decoration to exterior statements, every ideation and concept has to come together.


Wall Hangings


Barren walls are not only outdated but also extremely dull. However, to counter this, overly decorating your walls is also not the right way. So how to go about it? The answer lies in personalization. Interior decoration can be done haphazardly or follow a theme and look symmetrical. The choice is yours, but we would go for the latter.


To make things easier for you all, we have decided to share our favorite ways of decorating a wall with wall hangings. The key here is not to overdo it or create a huge cluster. Also, remember that spacing is an aesthetic. Besides all this, you are good at experiments, mix and match as you like. Let’s get started.


1. Planters


The easiest, most versatile wall hanging must be given to planters. You can find them in an array of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to choose and personalize however you want. Better yet, you get to house a plant and take care of it. However, you can always go for a fake one if you can’t trust yourself to take care of the real one.


2. Floating Shelves


Floating shelves are the best way to upholster a platform on your otherwise flat, barren wall. Now you have a showcase to place almost anything on it decoratively. People put up picture frames, souvenirs, ornaments, and other minimalist things to give it symmetry and make it look aesthetically appealing.


3. Crocheted Accessories


Crochet is a huge trend right now. From clothing items to decorative accessories, everything crochet is big. You can only imagine the charm of a crochet wall hanging. You can choose a neutral-colored one if you want to keep it minimal and chic with just the texture. Otherwise, you can pick an accent wall for the color contrast effect.


4. DIY Classics


This is mainly for all those homes with creative kids who easily get bored. A few supplies and your kid can give you a DIY classic to put up on your wall as a decoration. From mosaic to paper mache – the variety is endless, and you can keep your kid occupied for a long. The fruit of it all? a DIY wall hanging to decorate your home.


5. Art & More Art


If you are an art lover, then just play it safe. Choose a big or multiple smaller paintings and curate a personalized wall hanging galore to soothe your eyes. Safe to say, whether the art is yours or somebody else’s, it will showcase your keen observation and take out to your visitors. Isn’t that what personalization being all about anyway?


Final Thoughts


There are no written rules about wall hangings, and neither can it go wrong if your visitors don’t approve of it. However, it can add to your home’s personality or majorly take away if you don’t put thought into your motive. Hence, that is why you need to do a good job at it. We hope our shared ideas help you create a beautifully personalized wall decoration.

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