Unique Small Dining Room Décor Ideas To Try




No house is complete without a dining area; it is a place that makes mealtime more special and brings positive energy to your home. It also serves as a place that gives families a chance to bond away from their hectic schedules. If you have a small dining area or one that is in the corner of your kitchen, you can still take some smart steps to make it look cozy and comfortable.


Install a Bench


If you want to maximize the seating area in a small dining room, the best way is to build a floating upholstered bench hugging the wall. The installed bench will instantly make your space appear less cluttered and cozy.


You can add a small and stylish dining table in the center to make the perfect dining space. Experiment with color and use bright hues for the upholstery to add life to the dining area.


Add an Antique Rug to Anchor Your Dining Table


Adding a rug is the perfect way to anchor your dining table and add an element of coziness, texture, and pattern to your space. Additionally, rugs also make the space appear larger. You can either use a vintage rug or rugs with bright, colorful hues to transform your space.


Try a Round Dining Table Set Up


A round table is perfect for squeezing in more people in a small space. It is compact and allows you to increase the number of chairs, unlike traditional rectangular tables where you lose seating space at corners. Another plus point of having a round table is that it makes it easier for people to have conversations across the table.


Add Floating Shelves


Adding floating shelves to your space is the easiest and cheapest way to increase storage space for placing dishes, glassware, cutlery, and other dining room essentials. The best part is that these things won’t be utilizing any of your floor space. If you have some experience with woodworking, floating shelves make for an easy and fun project.


Hang Wallpaper


Make the walls of your dining area pop with textured wallpaper, adding dimension to the walls and helping them seem bigger than they are. You can use neutral tones for tiny spaces to give a spacious look. If you want to go bold, you can add peppy wallpaper print to make the tiny space stand out. However, this is only recommended when your table is away from your living.


Use a Drop-Leaf Table


A drop-leaf table’s primary purpose is to spare some space when the table is not being used. These tables are ideal for smaller spaces going to their extendable flexibility. When you don’t need it, you can simply put the leaf of your dining table up.


Add a Large Mirror


Since mirrors reflect both artificial and natural light, they are ideal for small spaces to make a room brighter during the day and night. Whether you decide to go for a traditional mirror or a vintage one, you can’t really go wrong since all the options available in the market are amazing.

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