Make The Most Of Your Space Organizing A Small Bathroom




We know how difficult it can be to keep a bathroom clean, tidy, and organized. It seems as if just getting ready for the day in the mornings can leave the bathroom looking and feeling like a complete mess afterward. So, what can you do to make the bathroom organization really stick?


We’ve got a few bathroom organization tips outlined for you below that will ensure that your bathroom stays neat and tidy and that everything has its own place. With these organization tips, even the smallest of bathrooms can feel spacious and open.


Use Drawer Dividers


If you’re sick of your bathroom vanity being strewn with makeup and other bathroom products, drawer dividers can be your saving grace. These dividers can ensure that everything stays in its place and help you make the most of your drawer space. If you don’t want to go out and buy drawer dividers, you can also use trays and boxes from around the house.


Uniform Bottles


Consider buying uniform bottles to fill your products like shampoos, conditioners, and body wash. These bottles take up less space on your shelves as compared to bottles and containers of different sizes.


The bottles can also help the space look cleaner and neater. While you’re at it, you can also print out custom labels so that none of your products get mixed up.


Towel Bars or Hooks on the Bathroom Door


Many bathrooms don’t have much wall space for towel bars, meaning that towels get strewn along other surfaces like the shower rail or along the side of the tub. This makes the whole bathroom look messy and leads to damp towels that don’t dry evenly.


To make the most of the little wall space available, you can put up some towel bars or hooks on the bathroom door. This is a great way to use up space that would otherwise be left empty.


Vertical Storage Shelves Above the Toilet


Another underutilized space in the bathroom that can be used is the wall space above the toilet. Most people prefer to keep a few extra rolls of toilet paper on the toilet flush and hang up a painting or a sign on the wall above.


If you put up vertical storage shelves above the toilet instead, however, you would be able to store a lot more than just a few rolls of toilet paper there. These shelves can be a great spot for bathroom cleaning supplies, a small potted plant, folded fresh towels, or anything else that needs a place to go.


Try these bathroom organization tips that we have outlined, and we’re sure that your bathroom will look a lot neater and cleaner and that it’ll be easier to ensure that everything stays in its place.

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